We Buy Jewelry and Gold

we buy jewelry and gold

When it comes to we buy jewelry and gold, a buyer will usually pay based on the value of the precious metals in it. A gold ring may contain up to 50 grams of pure gold, but it can still sell for thousands of dollars at an independent dealer because the quality of the design is also important to the value of the piece. The same is true for watches and other high-end jewelry. A solid gold watch from a respected designer such as Cartier can sell for ten times its weight in gold because of the value placed on the brand name and the reliability of their designs.

Unlocking Hidden Treasures: How to Maximize Your Cash by Selling Jewelry and Gold

A good jeweler will know how to evaluate and grade your jewelry and offer you a fair price for it. If you have doubts, shop around at other outlets and compare prices. A piece that is sold at a high premium in one outlet can usually be found for less in another, especially with the larger national chains.

If you have items that are damaged beyond repair, a local jeweler who purchases precious metals or a coin shop will typically give you the best price for them. They will test the jewelry or bullion in front of you and can often give you a cash offer on the spot. Selling to national buyers that advertise on television or online can be trickier because they may send you a check before you agree to their offer for your jewelry and then assume that you are accepting it.