Watch British TV Channels in USA

Watch British TV Channels in USA

British television has a lot to offer American viewers. From classic facial humor to fantastic dramas, there is something for every viewer. If you are a fan of the UK, you can now easily stream shows from BBC and ITV online. There are also some premium cable channels that carry a number of great British shows.

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a surprisingly good source for British series. It has acquired the rights to several high-profile British shows, including Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife. It is a free streaming service and is well worth checking out. This link

Another option is Britbox, which offers a curated collection of popular UK TV. Britbox is a subscription service that costs about $6.99 per month and includes a mixture of new and old shows. It also has a variety of genres, so you can find comedy, dramas, and even some crime series.

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Other streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix have a few British shows but do not have much of a library. Fortunately, some premium cable channels such as Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime are bringing more UK content to the US.

These channels tend to be geo-restricted, so you need a VPN with UK servers. However, beware of cheap VPNs that try to save money by putting too many users on each server. This can lead to slow connections, which is frustrating for streaming TV.