Types of Golf Clubs and Their Uses

Generally, golf club uses are divided into three classes: woods, irons and hybrids. Each class has a particular role to play. Woods are used for longer distance shots, irons are used for shorter distance shots, and hybrids combine the best features of irons and woods.

What are the different golf clubs?

Woods have a longer shaft and bigger club head to maximize club speed and distance. They are commonly used for tee shots and long approach shots to the par fives, as well as for recovery shots from light rough. They are also used for a variety of other shots, such as doglegs and approach shots to the green.

Irons are shorter and have a flat angled face. They are used for a variety of shots, including approach shots to the green, doglegs, and tight lies.

Golf clubs also have high launch technology, which produces higher ball speeds, better trajectories, and better control. The hosel is a part of the club head that helps balance the club. Modern irons are made of investment cast steel alloys and feature higher moments of inertia, which help make them easier to hit. The hosel is also designed to place as little mass as possible on top of the striking face, which reduces drag.

The latest types of clubs are hybrids, which combine the best features of woods and irons. They allow golfers to gain better launch angles on long-distance clubs and also add forgiveness for off-center shots. They are typically used as substitutes for high-lofted woods.