The Jaguar E-Type

jaguar e type

The electric e type is one of the most iconic cars in motoring history. Its sleek and aerodynamic lines are admired by car enthusiasts all over the world.

The E-type was born from a team of Jaguar engineers who had spent years developing cars for the company’s racing division. It also inherited the technical expertise of William Heynes, the firm’s long-serving Technical Director and Chief Engineer.

E-types were the most advanced Jaguar cars of their time and incorporated many groundbreaking features that are still utilised today. The car is the epitome of a high performance sports car, with independent front and rear suspension and an overhead-camshaft six-cylinder engine that could produce more than 250 horsepower.

The Jaguar E-Type: A Classic Sports Car for the Ages

It’s an extremely hard car to drive, it takes a lot of skill and technique to get the best from it. In the hands of a skilled driver it will turn heads, but if you are looking to own an E-type, make sure you know what you are getting into before purchasing one.

As with any car, the E-type can suffer from rust, so you should always check your vehicle for corroded panels or damage. Look for rust on the wheel boxes, sills and the mounting point of the rear suspension.

If you do have to get under the bonnet, don’t forget to check the brakes as well. Jaguar were the first manufacturer to develop disc brakes and these should be checked for wear, as should the callipers, and the hoses that may be leaking fluid.