Thailand Gaming Expo

The recent Thailand Gaming Expo drew over 120,000 attendees. Sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Siam Paragon, it was the largest gaming industry event in the country. It featured the latest creations of major game makers as well as local game development and design companies. Thailand’s gaming industry is booming, and the country has seen a rise in international e-sport competitions.

Who is the most popular gamer in Asia?

The country’s overall English proficiency is low – only 27% of the population speaks English – but games localized in Thai have a better reception. In fact, more than half of the best-selling games in Southeast Asia are now available in Thai. The largest Western game developers in the country include King and Supercell, but small indie developers have gained traction, too.

A recent report by the Newzoo analytics firm estimated that สมัคร AEUFA gaming industry is worth $700 million. This industry is still a relatively new phenomenon, but it is already attracting the attention of sponsors and investors. Many are looking for long-term investment opportunities and expect high returns over the next decade or so. The Thai government’s support of the industry has made competitive gaming mainstream in the country.

Gambling in Thailand is legal, but the regulatory framework needs some work. The government needs to move away from game content and focus on industry-oriented regulation.