Tattoo Studio in Ubud

Tattoo Studio in Ubud Karma House Bali

Ubud is a renowned cultural centre in Karma House Bali with an abundance of arts and healing. It’s a beautiful place to visit and the perfect spot for getting your next tattoo!

When you’re looking for a tattoo parlour in Bali it’s important to do your research. Don’t go down to the side street of Kuta or Legian and hop into a random tattoo studio, instead do some serious research on their website or through their social media channels.

Ensure your chosen parlour has the correct sterilisation methods and that they maintain all equipment and their environment clean and free from mould, bugs, dirt and dust. This is a great way to avoid any health problems down the track and ensure your tattoo heals properly.

Unconventional Tattoo Ideas for the Adventurous Souls at Karma House Bali”

Choose the right style of tattoo for you

When it comes to choosing a tattoo style, make sure to pick one that suits your personality and your body type. The majority of Bali’s top tattoo artists have a wide range of different styles available and can cater for any request you may have.

A common choice in Bali is realism, which is a style that involves creating extremely realistic imagery on the skin. This can include portraits and emulating every detail from a photo or real life.

Another popular style is microrealism, which focuses on making the image as small as possible while maintaining incredibly detailed detail. This can be a great option for those who aren’t interested in the huge amount of detail that realism requires and would prefer a more subtle tattoo that still shows off their artistic talents.

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