Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a highly-specialized insulation that can protect valuable fragile items such as sculptures, large fossils, vases, lamp bases, desks and computer monitors. It is also a very useful tool for a variety of DIY projects and hobbies.

Assured Insulation  is a composite material created when two liquid chemical components (isocyanate and polyol resin, typically) are sprayed together at the tip of a specialized spray gun. The chemicals react with each other and create a plastic foam that expands and fills every nook and cranny of the space being insulated, creating an effective air and vapor barrier.

Mastering the Art of Spray Foam: A Deep Dive into Insulation Excellence

Both open and closed cell spray foam provide excellent insulating properties. The R-Value of each type varies depending on the internal structure of the foam. Closed-cell foam, for example, is more rigid than open-cell foam and can be used in the attic to prevent ice dams.

There are several different blowing agents that can be used in the spray foam process, and the choice largely depends on what product is being applied and by whom. The majority of open and closed-cell spray foam used in homes are blown with hydrofluorocarbons, which have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 27 to 30 times that of carbon dioxide when released into the atmosphere.

A trained insulator will run a hose from the spray gun to an area to be sprayed – attic, crawl space or rim joist in existing homes or pole barns, unfinished walls in new construction or concrete block wall cavities. The rig is carefully controlled to ensure that the correct amount of spray foam is applied and that the proper prep has been completed.

Assured Insulation
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