Reliable Bund Lining Installation

reliable bund lining installation

Reliable bund lining installation is absolutely vital for any industrial plant to protect it from destructive spillages and leaks. In addition to serious environmental issues, loss of containment on a chemical storage tank site can be hugely expensive for any operator.

The correct advice and assistance is critical at the earliest stage to ensure that an appropriate resin bund lining system is selected for the specific requirements of any given project, together with finding the best application contractor and following all the necessary onsite Quality Control procedures throughout the installation process.

Seamless Protection: The Art and Science of Reliable Bund Lining Installation

GRP and polyurea resin based bund lining systems offer an excellent cost effective solution for both new construction projects, and the repair of existing concrete and steel bund structures. A wide range of modern polymer lining technologies are available to meet the specific requirements of any particular situation, including both epoxy and vinyl ester-based solutions that can be specifically tailored to a variety of different chemical environments.

Where time is limited, concrete damage and defects can be rapidly repaired and filled using fast reacting and hardening rapid surface repair systems like the Sika EpoCem or QuickRepair systems that will allow a damaged substrate to cure and be over-coated / overlaid with the main impermeable, chemical resistant bund lining system in just hours. For more extensive repairs and the restoration of a concrete / masonry structure, more long-term structural repair & strengthening solutions are also available such as the Sika CarboDur range of systems.