Natural Methods to Calm Your Anxious Dog

Natural Methods to Calm Your Anxious Dog

Natural Methods to Calm Your Anxious Dog has different things that make them anxious, and the best way to calm your dog down will vary. But you can start by trying some of the more common methods of reducing anxiety through calming your dog’s environment and teaching them calming tricks and techniques.

Anxiety can cause problems like chewing, barking, whimpering and destructive behavior. It can also lead to inactivity or a lack of appetite. There are many reasons dogs can get anxious, including being alone, traveling, loud noises and strangers. If your dog’s anxiety becomes extreme, it’s important to consult a veterinarian who may recommend medication or referral to a veterinary behaviorist.

Peaceful Paws: Natural Methods to Calm Your Anxious Dog

There are a number of ways to naturally soothe an anxious dog, including consuming herbs and herbal supplements or using aromatherapy. The dietary supplement melatonin is effective in calming your dog for short periods, and the amino acid L-tryptophan can help as well. There are also a few calming tinctures on the market that contain ingredients known to reduce stress and anxiety, such as valerian and chamomile.

Another popular option is the Thundershirt, which uses a tight-fitting garment to apply a feeling of continuous pressure to your dog to calm them down. There isn’t much science-based evidence that these work, but many dog owners swear by them.

One of the most proven ways to lower your dog’s anxiety is to exercise them. This stimulates the production of serotonin, a chemical that can help calm your pet and get rid of the excess energy that can increase anxiety. Go for a long walk or hike, take them on a bike ride, play fetch, or even just have them run around the house to burn off energy.