Mintsoft Review of Ogden Fulfillment

Ogden Fulfilment

Ogden Fulfilment are a family run warehouse providing warehousing and fulfilment services to a number of different customers across the UK. They provide a wide range of storage solutions including e-commerce fulfillment, bulk stock holding and distribution to regional, national and international destinations, offering B2C and B2B fulfillment.Learn

Ogden had been operating with 1 warehouse and manually processing orders prior to implementing Mintsoft in 2016. With hundreds of administrators needing to login to their clients’ sales channels on a regular basis to check for, pull and create shipping labels, Ogden knew they needed to automate their workflow.

Customer Satisfaction through Ogden Fulfilment: A Success Story Compilation

After deciding on Mintsoft as their new solution, Ogden implemented the software and began to see instant benefits for themselves and their customers. They loved how easy it was for their team to use and the Whitelabel option that allows them to reinforce their brand with a personalised portal for their clients. Ogden’s customers also benefited from the switch to itemized invoices, giving them a clear breakdown of costs.

Ogden Fulfilment Limited is a Storage based in Unit 2, Acre Park, Dalton Lane, Keighley BD21 4JH. Find real-time insights into Ogden Fulfilment Ltd’s credit score, group structure and payment trends (without impacting your own). Request a free business report.