Lyme Disease Tick Testing

Tick Testing

If you’ve recently been outside, you may have experienced tick bites. Getting tested for Lyme disease is essential to protect yourself from this disease. Ticks carry different types of bacteria and viruses. They can also transmit diseases like Bartonellosis, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis. If you’re wondering if you’ve been infected, you should submit a tick for identification. You can do so by filling out the Tick Identification Submission Form. The health department or local health care provider can perform the test for you. Ticks can also be submitted to state Public Health Laboratories for microbiology testing. Find out –

What You Need to Know

To ensure the safety of yourself and your family, it’s important to get a tick-borne disease test. You can get this done by collecting the tick from your skin or other body part and submitting it to a laboratory for testing. However, you need to remember that testing isn’t 100% accurate, and you can get false results. A positive tick test doesn’t mean you’re infected, so you should keep an eye out for symptoms.

When submitting your tick for testing, make sure to store it properly. While ticks do not need moist storage, they should be securely taped down to avoid contamination. Don’t use alcohol on the tick, as this can contaminate the results. You should also avoid putting the tick in a glass container. This way, it will keep out any moisture and prevent it from getting contaminated. Further, you should not store the tick in a damp place.