Karen McCleave

lawyer from the Greater Toronto Area

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A Real Estate Lawyer From The Greater Toronto Area

Among her many distinctions, Karen McCleave Crown Attorney for over 30 years. She completed her B.A. at Western University’s Honours Program, then earned her law degree at the University of Windsor. After graduating from law school, Karen McCleave represented her school in a mooting competition and soon began her advocacy career. During her career as an Assistant Crown Attorney, she defended people accused of crimes in many cases, from simple misdemeanours to high-profile, sensitive, and complex homicides.

In Ontario, the Crown Attorney must prove the Crown’s case beyond a reasonable doubt. If this is not possible, the Crown can agree not to prosecute the case, and the defence can withdraw the charge. If the Crown cannot prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, the Deputy Attorney General can appoint a member of the bar of Ontario as acting Crown Attorney. If the Crown fails to do so, the Lieutenant Governor in Council fills the vacancy.