IPQualityScore – An Email Validator For Web Applications

IPQualityScore email validator

Email verification is a critical step in the email marketing process, improving user or lead quality along with reducing abuse and fraud. The best email validation APIs perform a real-time lookup to verify the email address exists with the mail service provider and is active. Robust email verification APIs can enrich the lookup data with additional information including spam traps, honeypots, frequent complainers, recent activity as a fake or disposable email account, and other risk factors associated with fraudulent behavior. check this out

IPQualityScore offers a powerful, robust email validator for web applications with real-time lookups that verify the inbox of an email address and provide detailed reputation data including spam traps, honeypots, and frequent complainers. IPQualityScore also offers a fraud score, which can indicate potential risky activity such as credential stuffing, account takeover, and other scams. Additionally, a “leaked” flag indicates that the email address has been compromised in a recent data breach on the dark web. Finally, a “first seen” date estimates the creation date of the email based on when it was first observed by our threat network.

Boosting Your Email Marketing ROI: The Power of IPQualityScore’s Email Validator

Streamline fraud detection and stop chargebacks with email risk scoring that uses 30+ reputation signals to prevent fake accounts, fraudster signups, unauthorized payments, and more. Additionally, our API will identify invalid and temporary email addresses such as parked domains and disposable mail services. The IPQS email address verification API can be easily deployed on any form to validate the integrity of new users, logins, and payments.