Dirt Trapper Mats South Africa

dirt trapper mats south africa

Article About Dirt Trapper Mats South Africa

Stop dirt at the door and dirt trapper mats south africa your cleaning costs with these super absorbent, recycled cotton fibre mats. They are machine washable and come with a two year guarantee.

Keeping South African Homes Clean: The Role of Dirt Trapper Mats

The secret of the Dirt Trapper is in its construction: a thick layer of plush, dense cotton fibres, bonded securely to a nitrile rubber backing. Cotton is naturally highly absorbent, able to soak up more than 25 times its weight in water. This makes it ideal for lifting the water and mud from shoes, boots and paws. The mats also take dye well, allowing for a range of colours and designs, including bespoke logo designs.

They are perfect for jobsite entrances or any area where you want to reduce tracking from outside, and can be simply left in place on site for easy access.