Class 6 Math Classes at Lotus & Ivy

Class 6 learners  establish a solid foundation for future mathematical endeavors and cultivate a thorough understanding of basic concepts like numbers, basic operations, fractions, geometrical shapes, and data handling. Through the use of diverse word problems, students learn to analyze and think logically to find solutions, developing strong critical thinking skills. These skills are critical for academic growth and ensuring success in board exams and standardized tests.

In language, Class 6 learners are introduced to the use of articles- ‘a’ and ‘the’. These words are used before nouns to modify them in certain situations. ‘A’ is used before nouns that start with vowels, while ‘the’ is used for nouns that already have been introduced. ‘A’ is also used when referring to something that is general and ‘the’ when referencing a specific item.

Two Wheels, One License: Understanding the Class 6 Motorcycle License Process in New Brunswick

Applicants who are new to motorcycles will enter the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program and need to complete all the requirements of Class 6, including passing a class 6 knowledge test*, a class 6 road test, completing an approved motorcycle training course, and operating as a Class 5 Learner licence holder for a minimum of one year. For more information on the GDL process, visit this page.

In addition to their regular Main Lesson classes, Lotus & Ivy class 6 students participate in a complete-year math class that meets two or three times a week (2 class options). This class offers an extensive curriculum including exponents and roots, divisibility and prime factorization, temperature conversion formulas, business formulas, line graphs and pie charts, statistics, and more!