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You may be wondering why your baby is a candidate for EleCare Baby Formula. In general, babies with milk intolerance or lactase deficiency have trouble digesting milk and soy proteins. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Milk-soy protein intolerance is more common and affects fewer babies than delayed-type milk allergies. But you should still seek a doctor’s advice before switching your baby to EleCare.

 Is Your Baby a Candidate For EleCare Baby Formula?

This amino acid-based infant formula is specially formulated for babies with multiple food allergies, especially cow’s milk. Because it is hypoallergenic, EleCare has been clinically shown to help babies grow and develop in exclusively formula-fed environments. EleCare is also rich in DHA/ARA, which are nutrients found in breast milk that support brain development and prevent severe allergic reactions. Ultimately, EleCare can help your baby develop a healthy immune system.

In addition to being more expensive, EleCare Baby Formula is also more complex than Nutramigen, which uses extensively hydrolyzed cow’s milk as its main ingredient. EleCare uses amino-acids that are created using an enzyme process that removes cow’s milk proteins. EleCare is also more clinically tested, making it an excellent option for babies with milk allergies or intolerances. This formula is ideal for babies with these specific needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about this new baby formula, the Food and Drug Administration has recalled three popular powdered infant formulas. EleCare Jr. uses an amino acid-based formula that has been hypoallergenic since it was first introduced. The tins of EleCare Baby Formula are 400 grams, so you’ll be able to feed your child with it in a matter of hours.

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