Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas

In this brief article, we will discuss the top Medigap plans in Texas. Not surprisingly, Medicare supplement plans in Texas remain very similar to any other state’s plan. They all have the same basic plans and services in every plan, but it is with each company that matters that makes all the difference. The basic plan stays the same but variations and options between the various plans allow providers in Texas to not only choose which doctor they want to see, but also allow them to choose how much Medigap insurance coverage they want.

Which Medicare Supplement Plan is Best For You?

For example, Texas’s popular Medicare Supplement Plan called Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) will allow you to get all of your out-of-pocket expenses covered with no out-of-pocket costs whatsoever. If you choose the No Medicare Options plan then you will be responsible for 100% of your out-of-pocket expenses. As with all things, there are pros and cons to both plans. Most importantly, we feel it is important to take a long hard look at both the original Medicare coverage and our preferred Medicare supplement plan to determine which one we believe is best for our family. Both covers are excellent, but we believe the original Medicare coverage is better suited for seniors who need more personalized medical care and the supplemental plan better fits the needs of those who need extra medical coverage for specific conditions that usually do not get covered through the traditional Medicare system.

For our family, we chose the most appropriate plan based on the extra benefit of Medigap coverage. Through the Original Medicare System we were able to have all our out-of-pocket expenses covered except for deductibles, coinsurance, and a few emergency room visits. Because we expected that many of these expenses would be needed out-of-network by our specialists, we chose plans with low premiums for this coverage so that our annual out-of-pocket expense would be as low as possible. We also have supplemental insurance through our employer that helps us with the costs of our deductibles, coinsurance, and emergencies.