TimeFlys Private Jet Charters

TimeFlys company flies out of private jet terminals on 30-seater planes, so you’ll be sharing the experience with a small group of fellow passengers. Then, if you want to, you can fly back on your own in a smaller aircraft the following day.

The concept is an interesting take on how to make private travel accessible, but it’s not cheap, with prices ranging from $3,750 per seat for a one-way trip between New York and Florida to $40,000 or more for a week-long charter to the Caribbean. Jettly also offers a private jet concierge service, so you can tailor any specific journey and get advice on what’s available and what the various options are.

Jettly has an easy-to-use app, which lets you punch in a departing and arrival location along with dates. It then brings up the pricing data from multiple operators and highlights their various policies and options. It’s a bit like a private jet version of Google Flights, and it has customer reviews as well.

TimeFlys Private Jet Charters: Services and Amenities

Private jet travel is still a rare treat, but it’s become more affordable in recent years and many people are motivated to do it for reasons other than the usual ones of avoiding crowds and skipping security lines. A private jet is a very efficient way to get around, and you can often bring more luggage than commercial airlines allow, including fragile items. Plus, you can work during the flight, with spacious seating and plenty of privacy for airborne meetings or simply to review documents without worrying about others overhearing.